Siasun Robot's Semiconductor Gear Unit Gets USD55.4 Million Investment
Tang Shihua
DATE:  May 10 2024
/ SOURCE:  Yicai
Siasun Robot's Semiconductor Gear Unit Gets USD55.4 Million Investment Siasun Robot's Semiconductor Gear Unit Gets USD55.4 Million Investment

(Yicai) May 10 -- Siasun Robot & Automation, a Chinese supplier of robots for industrial and medical services and digital solutions provider, said that its semiconductor equipment subsidiary has received CNY400 million (USD55.4 million) from nine strategic investors. 

Siasun Microelectronics Equipment listed the investors on the China Beijing Equity Exchange, the Shenyang-based parent firm announced late yesterday. Siasun Robot's stake in the unit will be diluted to 71 percent after the deal, with the investors holding the rest, it added.

Most investors are equity investment funds, including two semiconductor industry investment funds, while listed semiconductor gear supplier Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment and a unit of high-end semiconductor special equipment maker Piotech also joined the rank, Yicai found. 

The proceeds will provide sufficient cash support for Siasun Microelectronics' technological innovation endeavor, improve its brand influence, speed up new product development, and boost the rapid expansion of its business scale, Siasun Robot noted. The move will also help realize the in-depth collaboration and synergy between Siasun Microelectronics and its strategic clients in development, ranging from businesses to capitals, it added.

Siasun Microelectronics' products include vacuum manipulators and vacuum transfer platforms. They are mainly used in the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain, including producing and processing silicon wafers, advanced packaging, and packaging and testing. 

Shares of Siasun Robot [SHE: 300024] closed 1.4 percent higher at CNY11.04 (USD1.58) apiece today, after surging by as much as 6 percent at the open. The market index of the ChiNext, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's tech-heavy board, fell 1.2 percent.

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