Huawei Rebuts Reports of Setbacks in Overseas 5G Business
Liao Shumin
DATE:  Dec 20 2018
/ SOURCE:  yicai
Huawei Rebuts Reports of Setbacks in Overseas 5G Business Huawei Rebuts Reports of Setbacks in Overseas 5G Business

(Yicai Global) Dec. 20 -- Huawei Technologies, China's biggest tech company by sales, has rebuffed media reports claiming that its overseas fifth-generation mobile communications business has suffered setbacks.

Huawei's business in Germany is developing steadily, and it is also participating in 5G network construction or its experimental testing in France, Japan, New Zealand and other countries, Chinese state-run The Paper reported, citing a letter the Shenzhen-based company posted on its internal bulletin board yesterday.

The media has reported that because of security concerns Huawei's 5G business has run into trouble with some foreign governments, carriers and major customers. That hasn't been the sole bad news on Huawei. The company's chief financial officer, who is also the daughter of its founder, was arrested in Canada recently at the request of the US on suspicion of having violated American sanctions on Iran.

Reports of a reversal of fortune in Huawei's 5G business in various countries are inconsistent with the facts or have been misinterpreted, it said in the letter. In an attempt to quell speculation, it told employees that cooperation with these nations remains unchanged.

"Huawei's business in Germany is normal at present and we are actively involved in 5G construction for French operators," the letter said. "In Japan, we are actively participating in responding to operators' 5G bidding documents and testing the experimental network.

"Though the New Zealand government holds differing opinions from the 5G proposal submitted by the operator, the regulatory process has not yet finished, and all customers have said they will continue to negotiate with the government and cooperate with Huawei," it added.

The company is the industry leader in 5G technology and its commercial application, and the only manufacturer able to provide end-to-end full network systems for the new technology, it stressed. Huawei has racked up sound achievements in its business despite great external pressure and difficulties, the letter noted.

The firm has won 25 commercial contracts and signed cooperation agreements with more than 50 business partners around the world, and delivered over 10,000 commercial 5G base stations, an industry-leading number, the letter continued. 

The company will introduce 5G smartphones equipped with compatible chips in the first half of next year and realize their large-scale commercial application in the second half, it pledged.

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